directx 9 compatible stereo sound card free download

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  • SoundRouter 1.2

    soundRouter allows audio to be routed from one sound card device to another, optionally inserting directx and Winamp plugins in between. Use any compatible Winamp plugin or directx plugin to enhance the audio as is
  • iuVCS

    The iuVCS is a successor of the iuVCR video capture utility. It is based on the totally new capture engine and has new user interface. There are two variants: Standard and Deluxe. Each variant exists in two versions:
  • Sound System Modeler 1.0

    Bobtail Software's sound System Modeler is the new "must have" tool for mixing and mastering recordings! It offers a variety of listening environments from your own monitor speakers. Without leaving your audio program,
  • 3D Transformer screensaver 2.2

    The beautiful 3D Transformer screensaver can decorate your desktop in rear. It features more than 52 cool transformers that transforms automatically. It includes cool animations as well as has realistic 3D environment,
  • Blue Cats Stereo Phaser 2.3

    This plug-in is the stereo version of the original analog-style Phaser effect. With this one its now possible to obtain a stereo phasing effect with a single parameter that controls it. From mono to wide stereo phasing,
  • Draw5 1.0

    Draw Poker game with full card animation and voice prompts. Uses directx technology for a visually interesting game!This is the latest version of RANWare's popular Jack's or Better video poker game. This version has many
  • UDP Player Winamp Plug-in 1.0

    With inclusive Winamp plug-in UDP Player, you cannot only listen to Internet radio, but can also play Internet Radio using UDP network protocol. Its key features are as follow: it has user friendly interface; it is very
  • EffectChainer 1.02

    Acon Digital Media EffectChainer is a free directx and VST capable universal wrapper and multi-effect rack. With EffectChainer you can load, edit and chain as many directx and VST plug-ins you want. EffectChainer itself
  • FASOFT Compressor 1.1

    Compressor directx plugin FASoft Compressor is a Compressor/Expander/Noise gate directx plug-in that works on mono and stereo audio data from within audio applications that support the directx plug-in architecture.
  • TimeWorks Phaser 88 1.004

    TimeWorks Phaser 88 1.0 is a phaser plug-in with zero noise. The plug-in has Mono & stereo input and output along with optional stereo enhancement of mono-stereo conversions, which broadens the sound. The user can set
  • Speed Racer - The Great Plan

    If you're like us, you loved the Speed Racer cartoon. Now it's your turn to get behind the wheel of the Mach 5 (with all of its awesome gadgets) and race on tracks based on scenes from the actual TV series. The original
  • Ovid the Owl Act for Mac 1.0

    This unique side-scroller immerses you into the world of Ovid, an owl whose wings were clipped. This is a high quality game that's both free and fun. A complete list of changes is as follows: - The key that flips
  • DirectX Software Development Kit 9.25.1476

    download the complete directx SDK, which contains the directx Runtime and all directx software required to create directx compliant
  • Hidden Object Heroes Bundle

    Legendary seek-and-finds with epic heroes - three for the price of one. Help a fearless archaeologist decode a villain???s powers in Samantha Swift & The Golden Touch! Solve the poet???s mysterious death in Midnight
  • AllStar Air Hockey 1.0

    AllStar Air Hockey is a fast action air hockey game with the speed and feel of a real air hockey table, played against a computer opponant. Version 2.0 adds a 3D look that makes it more fun than ever. It supports either
  • Fx-Audio-Tools 6.04

    Fx Audio tools include an audio file converter that supports most common audio and video sound types such as variable bit rate MP2 and MP3 files. Other tools include a CD Audio ripper, a sound recorder and an audio file
  • Microsoft Train Simulator 2.0

    Microsoft Train Simulator brings the power and excitement of some of the world's most famous trains to your PC, placing you in the role of engineer or passenger with unprecedented realism, exciting real-world rail
  • 3D Transformers screensaver 2.2

    The 3D Transformers screensaver brings you a collection of fifty-two different transformers that are a joy to watch. You will watch as each one of them transforms itself beautifully. The 3D graphics make the screensaver
  • Acon Digital Media EffectChainer 1.0.2

    Acon Digital Media EffectChainer is a free directx and VST capable universal wrapper and multi-effect rack. With EffectChainer you can load, edit and chain as many directx and VST plug-ins you want. EffectChainer itself
  • Blue Cats Stereo Flanger for VST 2.63

    Using the same Algorithm as our Flanger plugin, this plug-in adds a unique feature to the original effect: you can smoothly transform it into a stereo flanging effect with a single slider. Push the 'stereo' slider of
  • Magic Life 1.004

    Try to become a powerful mage taking part in an ancient tournament of magical conclave. freedom of action gives a lot of choices for character development. Customizable look and character of the set of game objects do
  • Virtos Noise Wizard 1.1

    Virtos Noise Wizard is a complete package of directx compatible plug-ins that is used to enhance your audio recordings quality and reduce the noise. This package contains several useful tools, including
  • Arkanoid 3D 1.5

    We have already presented several Arcanoid clones. This one is the first made entirely in 3D setting! If you have OpenGL-compatible video card, such as 3dfx VooDoo 3, Riva 128, Riva TNT 1, 2 or any other, you are welcome
  • 101 Puppy Pets

    101 Puppy Pets is a virtual game that allows you taking care of a pet; there are over 101 varieties of puppies. You have to feed, sleep, health, clean, and make it happy; also you have to teach your puppy to sit, scare,
  • Diamond Hunter

    Diamond Hunter - 3D arcade game. Try now! I went down the steps into the area of a house. My eye was taken by something bright. Diamond! Collect diamonds and run to exit, collect them all to open the door. On the way
  • DirectX Happy Uninstall 6.22

    directx Happy Uninstall(DHU) is a powerful management & maintenance tools for Microsoft directx. Using DHU, you can fix all of the directx errors and problems! With DHU, you can backup your PC's directx and restore
  • FASoft ParEQ 1.2

    FASoft ParEQ is a 20 bands directx plug-in that lets users equalize mono and stereo wave files tracks from within audio applications that support the directx plug-in architecture. Using this plug-in you can modify the
  • Blue Cats StereoScope Pro for DirectX 1.0

    You can use inclusive program Blue Cats stereoScope for directx for following purposes: for analyzing stereo field in real time with multiple views and MIDI/automation output capabilities; for getting to know that how
  • Microsoft Egypt Nile Theme 1.0

    You can decorate your system desktop with beautiful Microsoft Egypt Nile Theme that includes fully customizable wallpaper as well as icons and Animated Screen saver. It is compatible with Windows XP as well as Home and
  • Blue Cat's Stereo Chorus - DX

    Based on Blue Cat's Chorus plugin technology, Blue Cat's stereo Chorus has the same versatility and crystal-clear sounding capabilities as its little brother, plus a subtle to very deep stereo effect feature: